App Engagement

App engagement ads are meant to generate activity within an app among your current users or highlight app features before asking a new user to download.

This ad example could be targeted towards new and existing users, the ad’s copy and call-to-action focus on specific features, which encourages activity within the app — rather than just a download or install.

App Installs

App install ads are focused on generating new users. Instead of calling out specific features, app install ads are more likely to showcase the app’s core purpose and main functionality.


Increase actions on your site or app. Whether you want purchases, leads, registrations or other types of conversions, this objective will create a good impact on customers, where they can lead directly to the product description and views about selected product.

Lead Generation

For any business, potential leads are very important, by the help of advertos We make it easy for interested people to learn more about your business. Our expert strategists are encouraging the selected audience to sign up for more info or spend time with your app or website.


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